Joey Ryan and the Inks

About Joey Ryan & the Inks:
[pause.] – Stage direction. A break or rest in speaking or reading to emphasize meaning.

For ordinary guys, Joey Ryan & The Inks have a habit of making extraordinary music. Over the past five years, Joey Ryan, brothers Matt and Chris Mitchell, Ryan Mach, and Tim Dickson have solidified their place on local airwaves and stages and as the go-to band for catchy pop tunes with 60s sunshine beats, with slivers of doo-wop on top of smart instrumental progression, topped by Ryan’s crystal-clear, bittersweet vocals. Learn more…

What people are saying:
“The local five-piece transports listeners to mid-’60s California, where masses of beach bums were able to sing four-part harmonies while simultaneously surfing monster waves and daydreaming about Liverpool and Cuban heel boots.” - City Pages

“ A slice of breezy West Coast pop dang near on par with the greats of the genre. Like Brian Wilson before him, Ryan understands the power of pairing melancholic ache with exceedingly sunny melodies, while his bandmates toss off tasty power-pop riffs with a razor-sharp accuracy rarely heard outside of early Cars records”- Metromix Twin Cities

“The album sounds like Surfer Girl having ventured to a place where the buffalo roam. Well, Here We Are Then is a lonely sonic landscape, it’s worthy of your lust.” - The Isthmus

“We can safely say that ‘Joey Ryan & The Inks’ is one of the best pop bands ever.  And we’d be willing to bet others are going to feel the exact same way”. - babysue

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Twitter: @jrandtheinks